11 November 2011

F1 Smashbook page

So this is another page I've done in my 'Things I Heart' Smashbook! F1 race Weekends are marked on the calendar in our house, as sad as it sounds we try not to miss a race!
Anything can happen and as proved by Lewis Hamilton in 2008, World Championships can be won or lost at the very last corner of the very last race.

 The quote in the middle of the page was already there and is the reason I picked this particular page of the book! As you can probably tell we are McLaren supporters!
There is a blank page opposite this one so I may decide to update it every year entering the latest world Champion!
Lets hope the mighty Sebastian Vettel has a bit more competition next year as this past season has been quite a one horse race!

Even though the championship has already been decided, we will still be watching the remaining races, of course ;)

I really enjoyed doing this page and hope you have enjoyed browsing ;)

Thanks for stopping by, do drop in again soon :)


Sandra said...

Great page!
Sandra x

Ali said...

Great post - not sad love the speed and excitement of the racing :-) love the layout xxx Is smash a new type of scrapbooking???

qwiksave said...

I'm not keen on racing myself but my FIL always has it on when we visit - but I like the way you have laid out your page. I'm enjoying seeing your SMASH pages! ☺