24 July 2010

Gorgeous birthday cards!

I've been really overwhelmed with all the gorgeous cards I've received from my lovely 'cyber' friends (some of whom I have met IRL!) Here's some pics :)

Beautiful box of die cut flowers and card from Rainmac (left) and on the right card and sparkly adhesive gems from Hassy :)

top row: Flourgirl and Scatty Jan, bottom row Antonia and AliB

Top row - Wannabrich and Choccy, bottom row Madfrog and Tomsmom
Top row: Tired Mom, Marg, bottom row CT19720, Padster and Skiergirl


Happy Days said...

Happy Birthday Gemma. Have a lovely day. x

Rainmac said...

Wow look at all those beautiful cards, lucky you, hope you are having a fantastic day xxx

qwiksave said...

You have some very talented cyber friends! Lovely cards! Happy Birthday Gemma! Enjoy your evening.

Angie said...

Some beautiful cards there.

PepPop said...

Great cards and I hope you had a lovely birthday. Jaqui x