3 April 2009

MSE Credit Crunch card challenge

Here's my card for the current MSE challenge, to make a 'credit crunch' card and cost it all out. I've been a bit lazy as there's not much to it really!
The card base is from a DCWV card kit in a stack that I bought in a sale for a bargainous £1 and got 20 card blanks in it so that works out at 5p.
The rest of it is a cut up Jane Norman voucher holder that I was given for christmas (spent the vouchers long ago of course) but the design of the voucher holder was so nice I couldn't bear to throw it away.
So I've cut round the flower designs and re-arranged them onto my card, I have also recycled the greeting from the card and just backed it onto a scrap of black paper.
This is mounted on some foam squares which I would guess at a cost of about 2 pence. So there we go, my 7p Credit Crunch Card!

Laters :) xx


Mandy said...

Very stylish card and all for 7p


cazsmum said...

Lovely card Gemma. How much fun is this challenge? It's really bringing out everyones' creativity x

melissa75 said...

7p - that's amazing, a really beautiful, sophisticated card.

Sarah said...

Wow beautiful card, 7p - can't believe it!!! Very MSE yet so gorgeous, well done Gemm x