24 April 2012

I've been shoooppppinggggggg!!!!!

Much to my dismay (??!) I was forced by Paperchase to spend a LOT of money in there at the weekend.
Still, a crafter's gotta do what a crafter's gotta do!!

So who wants to see what I got? :D

Washi tape and something I've never seen before called Glass Tape! I was rather intrigued so of course I had to get some, and upon further inspection it's actually Sellotape with a pattern on it! how cool!

bargainous tissue/wrapping papers and a little sketchbook thing for £2!

yummy stickers!!

Random stuff, the big heart thing is on a loop of ribbon! Weird but for 45p why not!

The two sticker packs in the next shot are from Accessorise and the hessian stuff was from Paperchase. It reminds me of the stuff you put under mats to stop them slipping on wooden floors! I promise you it's not though ;)

These were from an Art shop I found wandering round Soho:
bargains!! I've wanted some fine line sharpies for a while!

and finally, a bonus Cat shot, just cos I can! They weren't too happy at being woken up for me to stick a camera in their faces! :) lol


Marg said...

Lovely photo of your cats - I don't know them but can tell they were indignant at being woken! Fab bargains too, thanks for sharing x

Nicky Stevenson said...

OOOh, that tape looks scrumptious, haven't seen that in our local Paperchase, hope it comes! Fabulous bargains Gemm. Love your cat's expressions! x

Sarah said...

Love the shot of your cats Gemm, they are absolutely gorgeous and I think they know it don't they! Your stash looks fab x

Unknown said...

You had a lot of fun. I am a bit jealous lol
I really love the picture of he cats lol

Стокли said...

These tapes look cool, especially those with the week days on them.