15 April 2009

Award from Cathy at GlitterHappy!

Big thanks to Cathy at Glitter Happy for this award, my very first!

I have to pass this on to 10 people who then also need to pass it on to 10, so here goes:

1. Sarah at Raimac's place

2. Mandy at Saveapenny's crafty bits

3. Cazsmum at Flutterbies

4. Hels at Helen's works of art

5. Liberty at Libertycottage

6. Tracey and Paul at Sunrise cards

7. Louisa at Teabags crafty bits

8. Alee81 at bitz and pieces

9. Padster at Paddingtondoo's marmalade mutterings

10. EmmaOC at Emma-Mad Cat Woman


Sarah said...

Thank you, how lovely x

Mandy said...

Thank you Gemma
Thats lovely of you

Emma said...

Thanks Gemma, it is really sweet of you.